Welcome to Professional Services

Our goal is to provide quality, science-based information to our clients in our consultations and recommend solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, whether it be a small or large project. We can provide the homeowner with information which will accomplish their objective in minimal time, and with minimal expense. We have solutions that range from how to maximize the number of plants for your gardenwithout increasing your budget, to how to plan yourlandscape and negotiate its installation costs.

For the do-it -yourself gardeners, we can offer botanically sound techniques for soil preparation, selecting plants that are suitable for your climate, and even provide you with a design and installation instructions.We can guide you through projects ranging in size from a single bed to multiple beds encompassing an entire lot or acreage.

We also can show you how to drastically cut the costs
of lawn care while increasing its quality and appearance. If you are spending hundreds of dollars yearly and not getting the rich deep green lawn you desire,let us provide you with an alternative solution.(See left column)

We also can provide supplies that are designed to make your gardening a simple, more pleasurable experience. These products range from plant care and identification tags, to custom mixed fertilizers with new products introduced periodically.

You can not afford to overlook these services as they will save you more money than you ever thought possible. For information on other services
contact us at: professionalservices2000@yahoo.com .